DBC Virtual Workshops

DBC_April_2020_VW_FB_Cover_Photo.pngDBC's 2020 Virtual Conference is available for self-study!

Career change is challenging! What excites you? Where are the opportunities? Where will the opportunities be in 5 years? How do you set yourself up for success? Lisa Abbay is the Talent Acquisition Manager with Compass Group where she has been recruiting key operation leadership for over 13 years. During this session, Lisa will describe her professional journey, explore the future, RDN job outlook and share tips and strategies to successfully navigate the job search and hiring process. Current best practices for building an effective and results-oriented resume will be presented.

Session 1: Setting You Up for Success

This session will start with an assessment of your career. Reviewing your skills, interests and even personality tests you completed in high school might sound silly, but the right career assessment can provide essential insight to help you find your path. Use reliable tools as a starting point for insight and self-reflection. Make lists and look at your options. Do your skills, strengths and interests overlap with resources you have worked hard to establish? Learn from our presenter’s story and the journey that translated into a career hiring hundreds of dietitians for Compass Group. Let's start down the path to a new career or a refresh of your current one. It will be worth it.

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Session 2: Long Term Career Success Strategies

Our first session set the stage for you taking charge of your career. In this session, the presenter will be taking a deeper dive into your resume, interview style and keys strategies to a successful career change. Real-life examples and industry best practices provide the foundation needed for a winning resume. Your resume is one of the most important tools in your professional portfolio and must showcase your accomplishments, leadership skills and ability to meet deliverables. How you format and disseminate this information can be the key to landing your interview - but that is not the only thing companies are looking at. Assessing and correcting your social media information and harnessing the power of LinkedIn are now essential in an era where everyone thinks they are an expert. Finally, we will look at the interview process, the things we look for, and provide you with tips and tricks for garnering that offer. As we conclude this virtual workshop, you will have an outcome-focused action plan to help you prepare, manage and achieve your professional goals.

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3 hours of CPEU are available.