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Policy and Advocacy Leader: Manju Karkare
Contact email: manjukarkare@gmail.com
Twitter Handle: @manjukarkare

Registration is now OPEN for the 2022 Virtual Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy Summit, January 25-27! 
Join hundreds of food and nutrition professionals of all advocacy skill levels from across the country to sharpen communication skills, take a deep-dive into key policy issues that impact the health of the nation and the dietetics profession, and develop new high-level personal and professional relationships. This year’s summit will focus on two of the Academy’s top policy and advocacy efforts: medical nutrition therapy expansion and child nutrition. Attendees will receive training on these issues during the event to ensure they are prepared for congressional meetings, which will be conducted in small groups with a designated leader.

Resources at Your Fingertips


  • Follow advocacy on Twitter: @DBCDPG and @eatrightpro


  • Licensure Wednesday Office Hours: Whether you have a quick question, want some updates, or have more in-depth concerns about consumer protection and licensure issues, the Academy’s staff for Consumer Protection and Licensure issues is here for you! Use this link and join in every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. (Eastern Time) to ask any questions you may have on licensure, however big or small.

  • Text “eatright” to 50457 to get text alerts directly to your phone for action alerts

  • Action alerts are open to MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS

  • Advocacy Affinity Groups:
    • MNT Expansion Affinity Group: Meets the first Tuesday of every month (3:30-4:30 pm ET)
    • Nutrition Security Affinity Group: Meets the first Wednesday of every month (4-5 pm ET)
    • Maternal and Child Health Affinity Group: Meets the second Wednesday of every month (4-5 pm ET)
    • Licensure Affinity Group: Meets the third Friday of every month (4-5 pm ET)
    • Health Equity and Diversity Affinity Group: Meets the fourth Friday of every month (2-3 pm ET)
  • Link to register for any of the above affinity groups: https://files.constantcontact.com/9806343e601/498a5cea-11bd-49de-8046-ea6d7176444e.pdf


  • Would you like to attend an event using ANDPAC funds? Contact your DPG PAL or Affiliate PPC.