Mentoring Network


Whether you're a new member seeking advice on how to get started in business or a long-time member interesting in exploring new areas, mentoring is a great way to connect and learn from each other. DBC is full of amazingly talented members in a wide variety of career settings who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. We are proud to offer Mentor Me with DBC as a resource to facilitate connections between DBC members for career enhancement in business and communications.

The intersection of the science of nutrition and the business of food has created a wide range of career opportunities for dietitians in business and communication. The field is ripe with possibilities for non-traditional careers, and there’s no better way to explore new opportunities than by connecting with your peers to learn from their experiences. As a member of DBC, you have the unique opportunity to benefit from the guidance of experienced mentors through Mentor Me with DBC, our self-matching mentor program that enables you to find the best mentor to meet your individual interests, needs and goals. 

Program Goals:
• Provide every DBC member with the opportunity to self-match with a mentor who has expertise in his or her selected area/s of interest.
• Recruit and maintain a group of active mentor volunteers who represent a variety of practice areas in business and communications.
• Enable DBC members to have access to valuable business connections, career advice and encouragement.
• Ensure the relevance, helpfulness and functionality of the mentoring program through ongoing evaluation of feedback.

Program Benefits:
For Mentees –
• Gain perspective from others who have “been there, done that” in areas you’re interested in exploring
• Identify your professional development needs and formalize your goals
•  Create a larger and more strategic professional network

For Mentors –

• Satisfaction in “giving back” by sharing your expertise and helping the development of others
• Re-energize your career and gain a broader perspective on your own work
• Job enrichment and opportunity to build wider networks

If you have questions about Mentor Me with DBC, please contact the DBC Membership Chair.