Professional Education Grants

DBC’s Professional Education Grant was launched in the 2023-24 term to provide financial support for 1+ active or student member to participate in a CPE or non-CPE educational opportunity of their choosing.

Total number of grants and awarded amount may vary each year. In 2024, 1 grant was awarded (1 active $750).

This grant application generally opens in February of each year, with volunteers from the DBC leadership team evaluating and selecting the awardees through a blinded review process. Check back here or stay tuned to the latest info in DBC’s monthly Take 5 newsletter.

Questions? Contact DBC at

Selection Process & Criteria

Applicants will be considered according to the following:

  1. Current DBC member.
  2. Submit completed online application by the deadline.
  3. Able to complete *OR* register and pay in full for the educational program by the end of the calendar year (For the February 2024 grant, activities had to be completed by December 31, 2024).
  4. Willing to provide DBC with a testimonial and headshot for use through DBC DPG marketing materials including, but not limited to, social media, Business Insights newsletter, Take 5 newsletter, and/or website.