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"Honor Those Who Inspired You" Campaign
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$2305 Raised
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In honor of all those who have come before us, and those who continue to ensure the dietetic profession lives on, DBC launched its “Honor Those Who Inspire You” Fundraising campaign on March 8th, 2021.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all who participated!
The “Honor Those Who Inspire You” Campaign raised a total of $2,305 for the Academy Foundation.

Please congratulate those who were honored, listed on the following graphic, and check out photos and messages about the honorees on DBC’s social media channels:
Our sincere gratitude goes out to all those who donated!
And a big thank you to our match contributors: Neva Cochran, Deanne Brandstetter, Kathy Wilson-Gold and Terri Raymond.

Don’t forget: you can donate to the Foundation any time here.

DBC Donors and Honorees

Mary Lee Chin
Joyce D. Lamilla
Cynthia L. Kleckner
Jennifer Seyler
Rayona L. Baker
Nancy Siler
Deanne Brandstetter
Milton Stokes
Manju Karkare
Christine M. Palumbo
Jenna Allen
Neva Cochran

In Honor Of
     JoAnn Pegues
Peggy Pratt
 Neva Cochran

   Becki Holmes, Neva Cochran
Maureen Leugers
Jayne Gilbert, Cindy Kleckner, Neva Cochran

The fabulous & dedicated Compass Group RDNs
Jenna A. Bell, Neva Cochran, Beatriz Dykes
Academy and Foundation Staff
Carol Berg Sloan
Mary Lee Chin
Cynthia Kleckner, Angela Lemond,
Kathleen Wilson-Gold,
Linda Farr, Deanne Brandstetter, Jennifer Seyler, Rayona Baker, Tori Schmitt, Sarah Hendren, Nikki Nies, Adrian Boulter, Lauren Brown Wingo,  Nicole Hawkins, Dustin Reed, Nancy Siler, Joyce Lamilla, Caroline Susie, Carol Taylor, Robin Plotkin, Amy Goodson, Katie McKee, Roxana Wroblewski

Why Donate?

The Academy Foundation is proud to have provided $52,550 to Dietitians in Business and Communications Dietetic Practice Group members and students since 2018 through our scholarship, award, and research grant programs.

Congratulations to the following recipients!

Toby Amidor

Faith Aronowitz

Jeanne Blankenship

Adrian Boulter

"I am grateful to be the recipient of the Colonel Katharine E. Manchester Scholarship. This scholarship was incredibly helpful during one of the most curcial moments of my career. Without this scholarship, I would have been burdened by the cost of my final year to become a registered dietitian. I can honestly tell you, this scholarship took a big weight off my shoulders and boosted my enthusiasm for the future. Now, I am doing what I truly love and helping others live better lives. The Academy Foundation has played a meaningful part of the journey that got me to where I am today."
- Adrian Boulter, MS, RDN, LD
2019 Colonel Katharine E. Manchester Scholarship Recipient

Hannah Boyl

Demetria Cox-Thomas

Brianna Davis

Judith Draughon

Alison Duffey

Jenna Erickson

Alyssa Frisby

Anastasia Gavrilets

Christianna Gozzi

Diana Guevara

"This scholarship will allow me to focus on my final year of my dietetic internship and masters program so I can become the best entry-level dietitian I can be."
- Diana Guevara
2019 Commission on Dietetic Registration Diversity Scholarship

Christa Jacobs

Hannah Kesterson

Amanda Kruse

Emily Kuettel

Callie Troutman

Rebecca Valdez

"This scholarship makes possible my continued education as a Dietetic Intern in the Program in Nutrition, Teachers College, Columbia University. By alleviating the financial hardship, both due to the unpaid nature of the dietetic internship and impact of COVID-19, this scholarship allows me to focus on learning new skills, cultivating competencies, and gaining exposure and insight to the world of dietetics. Additionally, I’m incredibly passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in our profession, and because of this scholarship, I am able to dedicate more time to my volunteer position with the non-profit Diversify Dietetics as a mentor and writing coach, providing personalized feedback and support on personal statements and resumes."
- Rebecca Valdez
2020 Commission on Dietetic Registration Diversity

Roxana Wroblewski


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