The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee (ANDPAC) is the only political action committee broadly focused on food, nutrition and health. It ranks among the top health professional political action committees in the country. 

ANDPAC is a non-partisan group that uses donations — not Academy dues — to support political candidates for federal congressional office and who are aligned the Academy's mission, vision and public policy priorities in the following impact areas: disease prevention and treatment; lifecycle nutrition; health food systems and access; quality health care; and health equity.

Learn more about ANDPAC here or see how you can get involved below.

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Get Involved

Action alerts allow us to bring the Academy's policy issues to the attention of members of Congress and help to raise awareness and add legitimacy to a particular priority issue. Visit the The Academy’s Action Center to explore current issues or text “eatright” to 50457 to get text alerts directly to your phone.

Get involved and connect with fellow Academy members to advocate for top policy priorities impacting our profession. The affinity groups meet once a month and are a forum-based event where staff, policy leaders and members discuss Academy advocacy priorities and strategies, Learn more here.

Key Resources

Throughout the year, DBC’s PAL (Policy and Advocacy Liaison), Tovah Wolf, may reach out to members for feedback on critical issues. You can reach DBC's PAL at any time by emailing