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Member Benefits Overview

DBC offers great member benefits!

Mentor Network
Have a career goal, but don't know where to start? Link with veteran DBC experts who will share their expertise with you on culinary arts, business development, writing, health promotion, sales, marketing, public relations, and communications. An outstanding way to find support to start a career, open a business, write a book or change careers. The mentor network supports success!

 Member Electronic Mailing List (EML - formerly known as the listserv).You can ask questions, respond to questions and participate in all discussions.  Link here to submit your information to subscribe.
Participating in the EML means that you have read and understand our EML guidelines.

Educational Webinars
You will not be left behind in the business world when you participate in our educational webinars! Earn free CPEUs for attending "live" webinars.  You can also access past webinar recordings  for self study CPEU on the member side of the website.


DBC's LinkedIn Group
Request membership and be part of our LinkedIn group.
DBC Business Essentials Quarterly Newsletter

Our national newsletter brings you news on current trends in the food, nutrition, communications, sales, technology, and marketing industries while offering helpful member business advice and keeping you abreast of events in your geographic region. Newsletters are posted/archived on the member side of the website.

Online Directory of DBC Members
By networking with other members, you can find out about new information, opportunities, and ideas for education, promotion, marketing, advertising, and product development.

Member Marketplace
Are you a speaker, author or consultant?  Would you like to share your informatoin?  You are welcome to add your information to our Member Marketplace.

Members Only Web Content
On the DBC website, DBC members can access current and archived issues of DBC Dimensions, the national member directory, and other DBC member news.  This is also where you can sign up to be a mentor or search for a mentor.

National Meetings and Networking
Meet one-on-one with your colleagues, share expertise and discuss vital issues. Scheduled events are posted on the event calendar.

Committee Participation
Get involved and develop leadership skills by sharing your knowledge and learning new skills as a volunteer for a DBC committee or project.

Member Recognition
DBC activities offer a way to become recognized and supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics through awards and honors.