Diversity & Inclusion Communications Program

DBC Diversity and Inclusion Communications Program

The DBC Diversity and Inclusion Communications Program provides its members with the essential tools to recognize and be competent nutrition and dietetic practitioners in addressing the needs of various audiences, including, but not limited to cultural variations, ethnicity, gender, race, age, capability (rather than disability), religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geography, education, and, philosophy.

Current Program Elements

  • ‘Developing Diverse Dietitians’ Podcast Series and Mentorship Grant: In conjunction with the TouchPoint Diversity & Inclusion Team, the “Developing Diverse Dietitians” Podcast series will soon be available. This series will share the minority dietitian journeys and hardships, and provides advice for aspiring and young dietitians.

After completion of the Podcasts, a series of discussions will take place around how we can all better understand and inspire each other. Those who participate within these discussions will be eligible to become a Mentee of a Diverse Dietitian, who will further support the understanding of differences. 

If you think you may be interested in listening to this Series and/or being a Mentee of a Diverse Dietitian, please complete this form and additional information will be sent your way when available.

  • DBC Membership Outreach Grant: If you are interested in sharing the benefits of DBC and the Academy to students, especially those within minority groups, this grant is for you.Click here to apply for a $50 grant to speak to students on the benefits of being a dietitian and a member of DBC. 

  • D&I Resource Tab: This tab is just the beginning to a library of relevant resources you, as members, can use to continue to educate yourself within diversity and cultural intelligence topic areas. More information and sub-pages will be added as materials are gathered and/or developed.
    • Diverse Voices in Dietetics: This page focuses on underrepresented voices in dietetics, their experiences, challenges, solutions, and more.