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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is proposing two amendments to its bylaws to broaden the qualifications for retired members and include international student members in the international membership category. Review the proposed changes  and let the Academy know if you support the two proposed changes by completing this survey. The survey closes on March 2, 2015 so act now.

Bylaws Considerations: Retired Members and International Members  

Retired Members
In an effort to enhance recruitment of Retired category members, the Academy is proposing a clarification in work requirements for the retired membership. The proposed change broadens the qualifications for the retired member from “no longer employed” to “no longer gainfully employed” and allows those who do work on a limited basis after the age of 62 to qualify for the retired membership category.

International Members
International students are currently unable to join the Academy as neither the current Student nor International membership category qualifications provide provisions for “international students.” The Academy’s Student membership category qualifications are focused on individuals who are attending, or who state their intent to attend, an ACEND-accredited dietetics education program. These programs are primarily located within the US. The International category is for individuals who have already completed their training in food, nutrition or dietetics outside the US. The Academy is proposing the addition of international student members to the international membership category.

The privileges of membership for the international student category is a mix of the privileges of student members and international members. This provides clear direction on what an international student member is entitled to receive.

Ever wonder how the House of Delegates impacts our profession? An informative, eight-minute video has been created to inform members about the outcomes from the Fall 2014 HOD Meeting in Atlanta. Take a look at the 8 minute informative video  to help understand the how the  HOD works to serve the Academy membership.