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Welcome to the Dietitians in Business & Communications (DBC) Dietetic Practice Group!

 Dietitians are well regarded for their expertise in food and nutrition. What few understand is how savvy RDNs must also be in the fields of business and communications. Whether you work in industry, private practice, consulting or a clinical setting, many of the most important skills you need are business and communications related. DBC’s goal is to help all RDs recognize the need for those skills and to provide opportunities to hone them through education, networking and mentorship.

With diverse careers and interests in business, industry and communications, DBC members play a crucial role in shaping how people view and understand food and nutrition. We do so as educators for consumers and health professionals, advisors to supermarkets and the food industry, leaders in management, sales and marketing at top food and beverage companies, and through ongoing communication via media appearances, articles, and digital and social media.

To learn more about DBC, please feel free to contact our Executive Committee, check out the "About Us" section to learn about our vision and mission, and visit the Member Benefits tab to explore the ways DBC can help you.

Ilene Smith, MS, RD
2015 - 2016 DBC Chair

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